At the beginning of my introduction I mentioned a quote 

"Crowdfunding makes skills and experience more valuable than money"

      "experience is more valuable than money"? That's  a bold statement.  It may seem strange to people with money because of the old saying  Cash is King. So let's explore it a little further, but first let's talk about you. You have managed to work, have a life, save some money and now you want to use some of that money to make more money. there's nothing wrong with that. You heard that real estate investing makes millionaires so you want to get your piece. You may have heard the flipping houses is very lucrative, but then you say to yourself, I don't know anything about real estate or flipping houses. logically, it's no different then having your car fixed. you bring it to a qualified mechanic. I am offering my services in the same way. I am a qualified house flipping expert. not only do I know the construction business I am also quite knowledgeable in real estate.

Many people have money, few have my skill and experience.

 My journey.

 Let me take you back to the early 70s and after completing a 2 year vocational cabinet making course in my high school I got a job building kitchen countertops. After learning everything I could from that job I moved on to other custom kitchen cabinet outfits building Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry 

Having learned all I could about the construction of kitchens and Cabinetry I moved on to installations I worked with Master Craftsman and was taught the entire process of remodeling kitchens and baths. I soon  expanded into other larger remodeling projects and continued working either for myself or for construction companies for many years.

 In 1999 I bought my first flip house. I paid $299,000 for it. After remodeling and many years of  renting, it later sold for  $846,000. The strategy that worked back then was, if you had a down payment it was easy to get a bank loan and if you owned a house back then it was easy to get a down payment because you could just re-finance your house or get a line of credit on your house .

  So here is how I got started. I owned a house that  had equity in it.  I re-financed it and took $60,000 out and applied it to the down payment for the house above. It was a wreck but the great thing about that particular house was that it was rented and it was in a positive cash flow situation. It not only paid the mortgage for the house but it paid the additional amount on my personal home mortgage and an extra $600 a month, and after the remodel I was able to refinance that house .I took out enough money to put down a downpayment on another house and enough to do the renovations.

 At that time the mortgage companies required that you own the house for at least one year, so I rented it for a time then sold it for a huge profit.

I continued with my strategy making hundreds of thousands of dollars until 2008 when we all experienced the housing crash and the economic downturn. I had just finished building a brand new house, that, when I started building it, had $400,000 worth of profit, but since we were  in the "economic situation" I had to lower the price. I did manage to sell it in 2009 and made $92,000. after that, work and money  became scarce. But in 2010 I partnered with some friends to flip a house. It took awhile to sell but we all made money. In 2011 we did another one.Since then it's been very hard to find deals that you can actually make money on and since mortgages were hard to come by ,homes took a long time to sell .

 I went back to my construction business. Meanwhile I'm still observing the market to see when it might be a good time to jump back in. Well guess what, I found it and it's now. All economic indicators point to Rising housing prices with high demand and low inventory and more mortgages are  being approved thanks to less regulation. Today the only thing that's different is the financing.Instead of using Banks  I'm using private lenders and by creating this fund I am creating a "proof of funds" to show sellers I'm a serious cash buyer.This is the only strategy for this Market.

Here's some more things that add to my value.

I  use a software program that can evaluate  projects  very precisely by inputting facts and assumptions. This allows me to  see the Financial results of a flip before it's purchased.

I'm in contact with wholesalers and real estate agents who find distressed properties at the lowest possible prices, and buying these "all cash" provides the best deals for the most profit. Relationships like these are priceless. 

I have access to workers and the ability to lead.. 

I have accounts set up to Source materials.

 I am a kitchen designer and use the standard industry kitchen design software 20/20
 so in summary,

  I've created a safe crowdfunding platform for flipping houses that anyone can be a part of, so partner with me and let's get flipping. 

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