R57 is a construction company specializing in residential renovation of distressed homes. aka. "House flipping" using investor capital from our  R.E. crowd fund.

Gregory Caggiano

President, Restorations57 inc.

Why should you invest with me?

"Crowdfunding makes skills and experience more valuable than money"

I have spent my entire career in the construction industry. I have a proven track record of fix and flips and new Home Building. My skills are strong and my knowledge is vast.
   My mission is to generate attractive passive returns for my investors and partners while preserving principal by using real estate  itself as the asset and creating short-term income. Restorations57 inc. seeks to invest in single-family Fix and Flip homes primarily in Nassau County, New York.

   As I see it, at this point in time, all the pieces that make this business profitable  have come together. So, I created this fund for anyone seeking to make money with a relatively small investment.       

The market is filling with other real estate crowdfunding platforms, like RealtyMogul, Fundrise,   and PatchofLand, but the vast majority focuses on larger projects, like apartment buildings, restaurants, offices and hotels. Plus there are fees involved. And they're mostly for long-term investors.

This is one of the first focusing on the single-family flip market on Long Island, especially Nassau County.

This makes it a very safe investment because housing prices are stable and predictable and the economy looks strong for the foreseeable future. Each project last for approximately 6 months.Each property is covered by proper insurance.  

Getting started is easy! Just contact me and I will send you all the paperwork

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you may have.

I have included  sample Intent letter and JV agreement .

" Crowd funding is the new  and easy way to invest in  real estate and local business "  

When you join us, you not only get a great investment you get additional "feel good" benefits like the ability to visit the jobsite to watch your money at work. The fact that your beautifying neighborhoods,  and employing workers and helping local businesses to keep our economy strong.

Here are some youtube videos talking about crowdfunding.Check it out!



Here's how our fund works:

1. Complete letter of intent with your investment amount. Suggested Minimum is $50,000 or 10% of the fund

2. When  the pledges reach $500,000  You will be notified and given the information for deposit. 

3. When I find us a great deal, You will receive a Portfolio containing the particular deal that your funds are being used for and what return  ( ROI ) you can expect.  See  example here.     https://app.rehabvaluator.com/fjtrGg4b1A82-H

4. When the house sells and closes you will receive a check for your portion of the profit.

5. Your investment funds are returned to the account and used again. If you do not wish to re-invest, your original investment will be returned  at the closing.

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